Grzegorz Sikora

accounting director

An expert in the field of accounting. He has many years of experience in keeping accounting books and simplified accounting.

He manages the accounting team for entities operating throughout Europe.

Experienced accountant with a certificate of the Minister of Finance issued in 2010. As the chief accountant, he runs the accounting of several capital companies and associations.

For over 10 years, he has also been conducting trainings in the field of entrepreneurship, accounting and payroll. Since 2008, a lecturer, incl. University of Economics in Katowice and the University of Finance and Law.

A graduate of the Faculty of Finance and Insurance at the University of Economics in Katowice in the field of Finance and Accounting. He completed doctoral studies at the University of Economics in Katowice.

Privately, a father of three wonderful children, a responsible husband. An avid cyclist, conquering mountain passes and peaks in the Beskids. He visits the Beskid mountain trails with his family.

At JUVO, he is responsible for the accounting area.