Family office

In its activities, the Law Firm also deals with the broadly understood succession plan for enterprises and people managing enterprises who are their owners or partners and majority shareholders in order to properly secure property and family in the event of inheritance proceedings.

In particular, our team will offer you the best solutions in the event of the need to conduct inheritance proceedings so that they are carried out in the least complicated way and with the protection of the interests of persons indicated by our client. Such a procedure will enable the proper functioning of the enterprise, securing it for the future in random and unforeseen situations, but most of all securing the uninterrupted functioning of the enterprise.

Dedication specialists also provide the necessary support in matters such as:

  • family property matters, such as division of property, donations to relatives;
  • divorce and alimony proceedings;
  • purchase of real estate and luxury goods;
  • takeover of a family business;
  • matters related to parenting and establishing contacts with children.