Compliance - Whistleblower Protection

Dynamika zmian otoczenia biznesowego, powoduje, że przedsiębiorcy powinni na co dzień minimalizować ryzyka braku zgodności, które mogą powstawać w ramach realizacji podstawowych procesów biznesowych w ramach organizacji.

From the perspective of companies, it becomes even more important to establish an effective compliance system that will allow to achieve compliance of business processes with the relevant legal requirements or guidelines applicable within holding structures / capital groups (in the case of organizations belonging to international corporate structures).

We believe that compliance management is an added value for organizations of all sizes, and not just an issue appropriate for the banking sector or companies listed on the WSE main market.
In response to the expectations of our clients, a team of Juvo experts provides practical advice in all areas covered by Compliance (as part of cooperation with the already existing Compliance departments, as well as in the comprehensive service of the organization as part of the compliance management system). We help to introduce solutions that significantly minimize legal risks and secure the continuity of our clients’ business.