Outsourcing Compliance Officer

In order for the Compliance system to function properly, it is necessary to constantly supervise the compliance with procedures and to be able to react to any situation generating the possibility of violating the adopted rules in the area of compliance.

As part of the external Compliance Officer service, we offer, in particular:

  • tracking changes in legal regulations and their implementation into procedures;
  • support for the organization in the design and implementation of compliance process standards;
  • preparation of analyzes, reports, summaries, presentations;
  • conducting a risk assessment of non-compliance of the organization’s activities with the law;
  • keeping records of post-inspection recommendations as well as recommendations regarding planned or introduced changes in legal regulations that affect the company’s operations;
  • monitoring the functioning and correctness of internal procedures;
  • communication with supervisory authorities and other relevant institutions in the scope of exercising the compliance function of the company’s operations;
  • undertaking explanatory activities in the scope of identified irregularities and formulating corrective actions.