Financial and accounting outsourcing

The accounting process outsourcing formula allows your company to focus on tasks that bring the greatest benefits and gradually develop without having to focus your attention on side matters, changes in legal regulations, etc. Accounting errors can be costly. Our care and long-term cooperation with your company allows you to minimize this risk and lead to the stabilization and automation of accounting processes


We offer, among others:

  • keeping books in accordance with the Accounting Act, tax law and the corporate chart of accounts,
  • preparing and sending tax declarations to the relevant offices,
  • current information about the company’s financial situation,
  • keeping a register of fixed assets and depreciation tables,
  • calculating depreciation charges in accordance with the depreciation schedule,
  • representation in Tax Offices, Social Insurance Institution and other authorities,
  • preparing CIT tax returns,
  • current posting of the provided accounting documents,
  • keeping records of fixed assets and equipment records,
  • keeping VAT registers and preparing VAT returns (including VAT-EU summary information),
  • calculating personal income tax advances and preparing declarations to the Tax Office,
  • preparing and sending declarations in the OSS procedure.