HR and payroll services

HR and payroll outsourcing means supporting your company with the competences of our specialists. In this way, we can implement for you high standards of HR and payroll processes and security in the event of constantly introduced changes in the law. The support we guarantee is based on the knowledge and experience of our team of over a dozen specialists who are able to adjust the structure of the service to the changing needs of employers.

The scope of services includes, among others:

  • issuing employment certificates,
  • preparation and keeping of personnel documentation, personal files of employees (also e-files, employment contracts and their termination, annexes, etc.),
  • control of the validity dates of medical examinations, health and safety training,
  • working time settlement,
  • preparation of bank transfers regarding employee salaries,
  • preparing and sending monthly declarations to PFRON, ZUS and the Tax Office,
  • preparation of statistical reports necessary from the point of view of labor law,
  • setting leave limits and administering employee absences,
  • preparation of annual financial declarations, tax calculation (PIT 40, PIT 11, ZUS IWA, Pit 4R, PIT 8AR)
  • calculating salaries for employees, preparing payroll reports,
  • preparation and support of our clients in cases of control of the Tax Office, PIP or ZUS,
  • preparing reports according to individual arrangements with our clients,
  • assistance in implementing Employee Capital Plans,
  • settlement of Employee Capital Plans.