Transport law

The JUVO team has been supporting clients in the TSL industry (transport, forwarding, logistics) for over a decade, so we know the challenges and problems of the industry such as payment gridlocks, unjustified contractual penalties, damage in transport, liability under the CMR Convention, and problematic liquidation of damage caused in transport.

Knowing the specificity of the market and the needs of entities from the TSL industry, JUVO offers consulting and support in the following areas:

  • preparation and analysis of contracts, transport orders, forwarding orders and all general contractual conditions;
  • support for damages in transport in domestic (Transport Law) and international (CMR Convention) transport;
  • support in the field of claims related to non-performance or defective performance of transport (delay in delivery, failure to provide for loading, incorrectly prepared transport documentation, etc.) in domestic (Transport Law) and international (CMR Convention) transport;
  • support and advice in the event of blocking access to the account;
  • defense against unjustified contractual penalties and debit notes typical for the industry (postponement of payment deadlines or contractual penalty in the event of failure to provide original documentation, extended scope of liability for the goods, unjustified non-competition clauses, etc.), which remain prohibited under the provisions of the CMR Convention;
  • analysis of risks related to insurance contracts (OCP, OCS and CARGO), including the analysis of the scope of insurance coverage, exclusion clauses as well as procedures and requirements necessary to obtain compensation effectively;
  • representing clients in compensation cases under OCP, OCS and CARGO policies related to damage in transport, also at the stage of court proceedings;
  • support and representation in court in labor matters, including labor disputes;
  • analysis and consultation of leasing contracts;
  • advice on the protection of personal data;