Labour law

The Juvo team advises clients in all key areas related to human resource management. We support employers both as part of procedural and non-procedural services. We advise, among others:

  • recruiters and HR departments on how to optimize the recruitment process and minimize all legal risks related to its course,
  • employers in matters relating to their relationship with the Social Labor Inspectorate (SIP).

In the field of labor law, the Law Firm offers, among others:

  • ongoing legal support in all matters related to the employment of employees;
  • development of all forms of employee documents that the employer uses, including: entrusting property to employees, non-competition agreements, documentation related to confidentiality and business secrets;
  • support in the design, establishment and maintenance of the Employee Capital Plan (PPK)
  • developing draft work regulations and remuneration regulations;
  • developing and implementing anti-mobbing procedures;
  • consulting on the correctness of drawing up letters terminating or changing employment contracts;
  • issuing opinions in the field of broadly understood labor law, including the interpretation of regulations;
  • support in the development of bonus and remuneration plans and support in the creation of non-competition agreements;
  • assistance in the employer’s negotiations with trade unions and employee representations;
  • negotiations with employees in matters related to employment, in particular:
    • establishing an employment relationship,
    • termination of employment,
    • termination of the contract by mutual consent;
  • representing employers in court disputes, incl. associated with:
    • termination of employment
    • breach of the principle of equal treatment of employees,
    • in cases of compensation for the employee’s breach of the non-competition clause,
    • in cases for compensation for property entrusted to an employee.