New technologies law

The dynamic development of new technologies and the electronic services market poses new challenges to entrepreneurs who must constantly increase their competitive advantage. Juvo Law Firm provides legal services to entrepreneurs operating in the electronic market
(e-commerce) and in the area of ​​new information technologies.

Consulting for the new technologies sector is one of the key specializations of the Juvo Law Firm.
We help establish a legal framework in the development and design of new services, especially for software houses, startups, creative agencies, advertising and branding agencies, IT companies, media houses, publishers and authors, bloggers and influencers; as well as companies providing website positioning services – SEO / SEM. We also support our clients in protecting their image, reputation and good name on the Internet and take appropriate legal action in the event of a breach of their brand, trademark or publication of false opinions.


The scope of our services for the e-business sector includes exchange, among others. :

  • creating regulations for online stores with consumer regulations
  • analysis of the regulations under the supervision of special clauses,
  • analysis of the complaint procedure and withdrawal from the contract in online sales,
  • Websites websites above the content of the terms and conditions of the website of the agreed website
  • ongoing advice on all matters related to the operation of online stores.

Marketing and Advertising

Our marketing and advertising services include:

  • giving opinions on advertising activities in the context of compliance with copyright law and regulations in the field of unfair competition,
  • advising on marketing and advertising projects, including loyalty programs,
  • developing regulations for competitions, campaigns and promotional lotteries,
  • advice on legal restrictions on advertising (advertising alcohol, tobacco products, gambling, medicinal products),
  • creating and negotiating contracts for the production of advertising materials, advertising films, logos, press articles, photographs,
  • representation in proceedings before courts and public administration bodies in matters related to advertising and marketing law,
  • advising on the use of trademarks in promotional activities and advertising.
  • advice on the legal aspects of linking, content and influencer marketing, the use of analytical tools on websites.

Intellectual property

The scope of our support as part of the intellectual property practice includes:

  • preparation of contracts and advice on the transfer of copyrights and industrial property,
  • representation in court proceedings regarding infringement of copyright and industrial property rights as well as in disputes over internet domains,
  • development of license conditions,
  • consultancy in relations with collective copyright management organizations,
  • advising on matters related to the registration of a trademark and industrial designs.


The scope of our support as part of the intellectual property practice includes:

  • development of regulations for the provision of electronic services for websites,
  • advice on the implementation of legal requirements in the field of cybersecurity,
  • development of contracts in the IT area (framework and project), including those based on Scrum or Agile methodologies; covering issues such as:
    • delivery and service of computer equipment,
    • use of open source software in IT projects
    • creation, implementation and support of IT systems
    • source code deposit,
    • services in the cloud computing model.